Israfel’s Heirs is a Vampire: the Requiem campaign that I’ve been running for a small group of close friends for the last five years or so. The game’s run through about 10 years of in-game time, and the crew’s dropped to 1-2 Humanity while accumulating some truly berserk amounts of XP. So, they’re a bunch of insanely powerful, hideously evil monsters who’re just beginning to realize exactly how monstrous they’ve actually become.

Queensport is an imaginary city set in Massachusetts, where Newburyport is in our world. It’s essentially what you’d get if Newburyport had grown up to be Lynn and Lawrence’s uglier, meaner brother. It’s an independent city, a refuge for exiled vampires from other realms, ruled by the mysterious and inhuman Nosferatu tyrant Malcolm with brutal practicality. His will is enforced by the monstrous Nosferatu thug Spider, the seductively demonic Daeva sorceress Cassandra, and the unpredictable shapechanger Gangrel crimelord Rick, as well as the generations of ghouls he and his sire have woven through the city’s power structure, and the ancient and alien Labyrinth that underlies the city.

Israfel's Heirs